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Powered by the Helium Blockchain, The People’s Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.
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All products are currently only available to preorder and will be available in 7-25 weeks.

SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway – EU868

SenseCAP M1 is a high-performing, ready-to-use LoRaWAN indoor gateway compatible with Helium LongFi Network. SenseCAP M1 can connect to The People’s Network within a few simple steps in minutes, and helps you build LoRa applications with low costs.

MikroTik TOF-0809-7V-S1 LoRa
Omni Antenna Kit 868MHz

Vertically polarized monopole Bandwidth: 824-960MHz Max Gain: 6.5dBi High efficiency Easy to mount with the included installation kit

Bobcat Miner 300

Bobcat Miner 300 is a high-efficiency miner hotspot for HNT. It is compatible with Helium LongFi, an architecture that combines the leading wireless LoRaWAN protocol, and the Helium Blockchain technology.

Seeed Studio 8dbi Glass Fiber
LoRa Antenna 868MHz

Fibreglass LoRa antenna with gain of 8dBi, frequency range 858-878MHz and 130cm length





Finally the time has come: The simple remote boat monitoring is available on pre-sale. One of the first to be offered without subscription fees.

You may know this: Unfortunately, you have far too little time to spend on your boat and you also live out of sight of the port. However, you still want to know quickly and regularly what is going on with your boat.

That is why we developed BoatOfficer: uncomplicated, energy-efficient (also ideal for winter storage) and weatherproof (also suitable for small open boats), BoatOfficer sends your boat’s data to your smartphone several times a day and notifies you immediately of configurable alarm events.