RisingHF RHF2S308 868MHz


The RisingHF RHF2S308 Hotspot is an INDUSTRIAL product designed for the most demanding users who simply want the best. 100% thought, designed and developed for Helium mining.

If you buy this hotspot, you should know that it is the hotspot with the best specifications on the market today.

Cheap is sometimes expensive.

The purchase of this model assures you a history that is summarized in a perfect operation and in case of failure, a replacement or quick solution through MahTec Miner.

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Full Duplex 8 Channel LoRaWAN HOTSPOT for Helium

RHF2S308 model for EU, is a new generation LoRaWAN HOTSPOT developed by RisingHF which supports Full Duplex comunication with up to 8 channels (SX1301 Multi SFs).

The GW integrates one 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A53 CPU which run Linux OS. And also 1x or 2x SX1301 to provide LoRa transmit and receive functionality.

SX1301 is a high performance LoRa processor developed by Semtech.

The 2 x SX1301 full duplex hardware version will extend the network capacity to 4x compare to the traditional 8 channels half duplex one.

The gateway is backhaul via 10/100M Ethernet or LTE.

An on-board GPS module could be used to generate a PPS signal for synchronization.

Furthermore, an internal web UI is integrated for quick configuration and fault diagnosis analysis and

Benefit form RHF2S308 WIFI interface, customer could use devices like PC or laptop to connect with it directly to initial, configure or debug when needed.

You can also use Bluetooth to interact with the gateway through the mobile phone APP.

Provides Bluetooth function and can quickly connect to Helium LongFi network through mobile phone application.

Various power supply plans are supported, like DC injector, PoE and internal LiFePO4 battery.

It also provides an acid battery charged with solar panels choice.

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